Monday, May 17, 2010

Bible Story Books

One of the favorite books that my students love are Bible Story books. Everyday before we start our class, I read them stories about the Bible. Kids love the stories and the colorful illustrations on the book. The stories does not just entertain kids but it teaches them Christian values. One story that teaches them not to be afraid is the story about "David and Goliath", another story that teaches children the importance of prayer is the story about "Daniel in the Lions Den". There a lot of stories in the Bible that teaches children some values which will help them grow as good individuals.

If you're shopping for Bible Story books, check it out at Shopwiki. There are a lot of Childrens Books available on this shop. With a wide choices of books available for your kids, I'm sure you will find the best Bible Story books that suits your child's need.

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Doll Making

I used to make paper dolls during my grade school days. My cousins usually visits me at home because they love my paper dolls. They often asked me to make one for them. After many visits, I decided to sell my paper dolls to my cousins at an affordable price. They gladly bought and ordered more paper dolls because they want to sell it to their classmates too. That was the first business I had at the age of 8 years old.

I understand why my cousins loved my paper dolls. It is because during those times, you can’t find any paper dolls that are sold in the market. But nowadays, there are a lot materials which will help you make a good paper doll. I’ve found a nice “Doll Making Set” at Shopwiki today. The materials are colorful and I can say that it is far beautiful compared to my paper dolls before. If you are into Doll Making, you can find a lot of doll making resources as well as doll making materials at Shopwiki. You can also check on their buying guides about dolls like the Rag Dolls, Popular Dolls and more.

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The Importance of Pretend Play

Young children learn by imagining and doing. When you allow your child to engage in pretend plays, you are helping your child develop a lot of skills while he grows up. Pretend play helps your child explore emotions and develop a sense of security. It also builds self-esteem when he discovers that he can be anything just by pretending. Added to that, pretend play can also develop language and thinking skills among children.

Your role as a parent is to motivate your child’s self expression by providing him with an environment that gives the freedom to be what he wants to be. Added to that you can also provide materials such as pretend play toys, pretend play costumes and accessories or allow him to engage in role playing games.

Nurture your child’s imagination today. Try shopping for pretend play toys or pretend play costumes and accessories. If you doesn’t know where to find one, try shopping at Shopwiki. You can find great pretend play toys as well pretend play costumes and accessories on this site. Not only that, you can also find buying guides on this site that will be beneficial for you and your child.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Makes a Mother?

Happy Mother's Day!

I found this heart warming video on Youtube. It's a video giving encouragement to mothers around the world who do not have their babies with them. Enjoy watching the video and be blessed!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kids in Red

This photo was taken during our VBS last year. These kids were from Nazareth and they all agreed to wear red that day. It was already time to go home but these kids pause for a while and made a big grin in front of the camera.