Friday, February 5, 2010

He Will Spank Me...

I gave a quiz to my nursery pupils last Wednesday. All of them did well with the quiz. Some of them got a perfect score, while the others got a good score with only 2 or 3 mistakes. When it was time for them to go home, I read their scores and reminded them to show their papers to their parents. I was so surprised when one of student interrupted me. He told me that his dad will spank him if he didn't get a perfect score. Another student added, "me too teacher, my dad will also get mad and spank me with his belt." I was a bit disturbed about the kids' statements. I was sad because their parents are too particular about scores where in fact their kids are only pre-schoolers. In my own opinion, a good score doesn't matter much. What matters most is a good attitude, a good character. When we expect too much from them while they are still in their preschool, these kids may grow up to be perfectionist in the future.

To all parents out there, please take it easy... don't be too hard on your kids. Allow them to enjoy school life while they are still young.


Cecile said...

i agree with you, Bogie :-)