Friday, August 1, 2008

10 Signs of Good Nutrition

It was our schools Nutrition Month Celebration last July 30, 2008. I invited my friend Sheryl, a nutritionist who works in a government. In her speech, she talked about foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals which are basically good for kids. She even mentioned about "FOOD PYRAMID" as a guide for our daily food intake. One of the topics that gives interest to the parents is the topic on"10 Signs of Good Nutrition". It's a very nice guide for parents to check their kids if they are properly well nourished. I've heard this on TV because of a milk commercial but her talk gave us a more detailed knowledge on it.

Here's what it is:

1. Right Weight For Height
2. Good Muscle Development
3. Good Posture
4. Clear Skin
5. Shiny Hair
6. Clear Eyes
7. Alert and Cheerful
8. Sleeps Uninterruptedly
9. Regular Bowel Movement
10. Good Appetite

Hope you find this helpful! :)