Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Can Share!

Kids in their base nature are indeed selfish. They always have the tendency to talk about "mine, mine, and mine". The "yours" and "us" are still not present on their vocabulary unless somebody should teach them. In our school, it's always our priority to break this selfish attitude towards each child and help them become considerate about others. During snacks, we taught them to share their snacks to someone who forgot to bring. To motivate them to give and share, we taught them the song: "I can Share". Here's the complete lyrics of the song:

*Sing to the tune of "Where is Thumbman"

I can share, I can share
like _______ ( name of the child) like ______ (name of the child)
(Repeat twice)

The song is indeed effective, becuase after we sing the song, the child who doesn't want to share changes his mood and starts to share.