Friday, November 20, 2009

Give Love on Christmas Day

This coming December 25 is Christmas Day and it would be good if we teach our kids the proper way of celebrating it. Christmas is one good opportunity for all of us to show love for one another. May it be a simple word of encouragement or giving your time, or just a simple hug, all these things matters to the person whom we love. That is why, for the next week, we will be teaching our kids the lesson on showing love to other people especially to the people who really needs it. First, we will have a Bible story on “The Good Samaritan” found in the Bible (Luke 10:30-36). After the story we will have a short question and answer game. Whoever gets the correct answer wins a prize. I got this activity from Craig on

Here is the flow of the activity:

Have all the children stand up in the middle of the room.
What you do during class:
You will say the statements below one by one. If the children believe what you say is “showing love”, they will sit down on the floor. If they believe it is “not showing love”, they will stand up. Another option is to have the kids go to a specific spot in the room for “showing love” and another spot for “not showing love.”
1. Daddy is sick and you bring him a cup of chicken soup.
2. Your little sister is hitting you, so you hit her back.
3. You give your mommy a big hug when she comes home.
4. You give grandma a kiss on the cheek because she misses you.
5. You throw a rock at someone you don’t like.
6. You throw a fight because you don’t get what you want.
7. You make a special birthday gift all by yourself for dad.
8. You don’t let anyone play with your new toy.
9. You help take care of your little brother or sister.
10. You give your mom and dad a big smile when you see them.
11. Baby is sleeping and you make a lot of noise.
12. You tell you mommy how much you like what she made for supper.

Once the children finish the activity, describe how people can show love in many different ways. We can share our toys, help out in the kitchen, be kind to our brothers or sisters, obey our parents, give kisses and hugs to those we are close to, and many other ways. Jesus wants us to love one another. In John 13: 34, Jesus says, “I give you a new command. Love one another. You must love one another, just as I have loved you. Think about how much Jesus loves you.