Saturday, November 21, 2009

Going on a Field Trip

Yesterday was our school's field trip. We brought our students to the "Aviary" where they get to see a lot of different kinds of birds. We also went to the Ostrich and Crocodile Farms where kids enjoyed their experience. Crocodiles were a bit scary but the place is safe for children. Of course, their parents were there taking care of them.
One of the highlights in our visit to the "Aviary" is not only the birds, but this snake (shown on the photo above). I was so surprised because my students were not scared touching and holding it. Some of the parents convinced me to hold this animal but I just can't. I just touched it and it feels so slippery and cold. The care taker told us that this snake is safe, they have tiny teeth but you just have to keep away from the head. Never squeeze it, never blow an air to the head because they will be provoked.All the kids enjoyed their encounter with the Ostrich. As they enter the place they were exclaiming, "Oh, it's so big!". LOL! Even though it was raining, they still enjoyed roaming around the place.The kids enjoyed watching the crocodiles. They were shouting at them because they want the crocodiles to move but these creatures were just too lazy and sleepy. Lol!

After the activity, I saw that the kids look very tired. They all went sleeping on their parent's lap. But I'm sure they will have a lot of story to tell to their family and friends.