Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Sorry, I'm Absent!

We have a five day break in school because of holidays. Here in the Philippines we usually don't have class on November 1 and 2 because it's All Saints Day and All Souls Day respectively. The two day holiday plus Saturdays and Sundays makes the break more longer. That is why kids did have enough time to play and bond with their family.

Yesterday, it was time to go back to school. As I entered the classroom, all of my students were so happy to see me. They all hugged me and they told me they missed me. Awwww... so sweet. But there is this one student who approached me with a sad face and told me... "Teacher, I'm sorry I was absent yesterday..." I was laughing. Because of the long break, he thought he was absent from class for a very long time. I told him, not to be sorry and explained the matter to him. His face changed and he was then smiling. Cute Kiddo!